Bridging lender launches survival guide for homebuyers

Specialist lender Affirmative Finance has created a self-help guide which offers homebuyers advice on steps to take and what to avoid during the buying process.

The guide, titled “How to Survive the House Buying Process”, advises home-hunters on subjects like managing money and arranging legal support.

The group claim the online infographic will give buyers “everything they need to know about buying a property.”

As part of the guide, readers can get info and definitions of key industry terms and unlock information on general timescales and processes as well.

Buyers are also given statistics on when it’s thought best to purchase and, perhaps most importantly, predictions of what the whole process may cost in terms of fees and litigation.

Commenting on the publication Affirmative said: “Since the recession, the housing market has experienced many ups and downs. From the introduction of the Help to Buy scheme to the reform of the stamp duty system, there has been numerous changes made in recent years.

“For 2015, experts have predicted that further growth and improvement is expected.

“If you are buying a house this year, there are many factors you need to consider during the process including what fees and costs are involved, what types of finance are available and what legal guidance is required.”

The group offer various services including barn redevelopment and grand designs.

Affirmative recently joined the Association of Bridging Professionals.

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