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The BridgeCrowd: The crowd funds all deals

The BridgeCrowd is a peer-to-peer platform dedicated exclusively to bridging loans and has an army of private P2P investors that invests in a wider variety of deals… The basic premise at the BridgeCrowd is that it will lend secured over any UK […]

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Y3S and Mayfair complete £2.4m deal

Master brokerage Y3S and bridging lender Mayfair Bridging has teamed up to complete a £2.4 million deal. The intriguing case was brought to Y3S’s attention by a broker whose read more »

Adapt and Roma turn disaster into triumph

Published on 27th Feb 2015 Adapt Finance recently completed a complex deal where a disastrous valuation bumped up the LTV. "What is good service?", questioned Stephen Burns of read more »

Bridges at 85% LTV: A great way to lose money?

At the recent AOBP AGM, a heated debate kicked off when the panel of industry lenders were asked if they would lend up to 85 per cent LTV
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