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Give and Take – How Reliable is your Charging Clause?

In 2007, the Co-op Bank lent sums in excess of £2.1million to a company in which Mr Phillips was a Director. The advance was secured over two properties. The loan facility was repayable upon demand in the usual way. The […]

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Legal Brief: Hide but don’t seek

A recent case in the High Court tackled two significant areas of risk to bridging lenders and also provided some sensible guidance for inspecting valuers... In the Credit & read more »

Positive Developments: The perfect package

When submitting a development finance proposal, it is essential to present a comprehensive package of information to the lender. Prior to that, summary details can be presented to read more »

Top ten reasons for bridging delays

With brokers persistently complaining that the completion of bridging loans is so often delayed, Bridging Advisor decided to attain the opinion of the Association of Short Term Lenders read more »

Intellectual property: How lenders can enforce exclusive legal advice

It is commonplace for bridging loan applications to ‘do the rounds’, passed to numerous lenders by a broker hoping to secure the best deal for the client. But, read more »

Applications – The do’s and don’ts

Whether it’s a breakdown in communication, a lack of due diligence or a failure to recognise fraudulent applications, there are numerous reasons why bridging cases can experience difficulties. read more »