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Should your firm be social media savvy?

The use of social media within the short term finance industry is an issue which is still yet to be completely decided. Though it is increasingly common for brokers to have a growing presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent, Facebook, and […]

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Dual Representation: Is it right for you?

At the heart of the bridging industry remains an issue which continues to cause a stir amongst the biggest lenders in the market. Dual representation, a scheme devised to read more »

Protecting yourself and your business from property fraud

Devising the best barriers to fraudulent activity is often the only measure standing between your firm and a potentially damaging encounter. Bridging Advisor’s Ian Walker spoke to Karen read more »

Not a case of ‘us versus them’ – packagers disclose their broker wishlists

The roles of a broker and packager are closely interlinked throughout any short term finance deal, which often requires the two professionals to work in harmony and understand read more »

Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Lending: A Broker’s Guide

As a growing number of businesses turn to crowdfunders as a route to source finance, Bridging Advisor has taken a look at the alternative lenders offering these types read more »

Mortgage Market Review – The Lowdown

In December 2011, the FSA published its proposed package of reforms for the mortgage market together with a cost benefit analysis setting out its best estimates of the read more »

Invested Development: Tips for Approaching Development Finance

Regentsmead fill us in on the best way to approach development finance... Tip 1: Fill in the missing links Brokers may be missing out on a whole host of possible read more »

10 ways to keep your office compliant against fraud

  Fraud is an ever-present problem within the industry, so we have enlisted the help of Ray Cohen, compliance expert and Managing Director at Jackson Cohen, to outline the read more »

Lenders in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is one location where bridging seems to have hit a brick wall. With its shaky housing market and small population, securing lending in this region has read more »

Securing Auction Finance

The increasing number of lenders entering the Bridging Finance sector over the past few years has influenced the auction finance market.  read more »