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Would mansion tax cause a dip in activity?

Following last week’s stamp duty changes and the vast amount of debate regarding the proposed ‘mansion tax’, BA decided to gain insight on the subjects from industry lenders. The proposed mansion tax will be a one per cent annual levy […]

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Can a counterclaim defeat a claim for possession?

In the recent case of Thakker and another v Northern Rock plc [2014] the High Court considered an argument by a borrower that a lender did not have
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De Villiers: Covenant strength explained

A popular phrase in commercial property investment and valuation is “covenant strength” and refers to the financial strength of the tenant leasing a property. It may read more »

A bridging survival guide: Avoiding a mix-up

For those who are new to the world of bridging, BA has compiled a basic guide to give a better view to those who may have a misunderstanding read more »

Positive Developments: The perfect package

When submitting a development finance proposal, it is essential to present a comprehensive package of information to the lender. Prior to that, summary details can be presented to read more »

Technology versus People – the debate whimpers…

Originally titled ‘the debate rages’ but it really doesn’t! Nowadays we seem to have everything at our fingertips; news, holidays, banking, insurance quotes, which bar my friends are sitting read more »

The Great Debate: Re-type valuations

This week B&C Distributor hosts a debate on whether valuations should be reused between lenders.

Some would argue that retype valuations would speed up the application process and prevent
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How to approach valuations

Any deal involving property, be it residential or commercial, revolves around valuers – understanding their role within a transaction and the way in which they operate is key read more »