Capital Bridging: Your guide to a speedy application

In addition to the fundamental training of our underwriters, Capital Bridging’s in-house training programme also pays particular attention to how staff can support the education of its broker and distributor partners.
One of the outcomes of this latter element of training is the development of our Process Guide, which helps brokers and distributors understand what happens from the moment they submit a case  through to redemption.
However, it is vital that we never relax our appetite to improve. Recently, that appetite was fed at a Capital Bridging training session, when we asked our team of five experienced underwriters: What can brokers do to enhance the speed and efficiency of their applications?
After a good hearted debate, they arrived at the following four tips:
1. Remember- The application form is only part of the story and experienced underwriters have a nose for finding holes in a story. The form must be accompanied by a comprehensive synopsis that tells the underwriter how the application has come about and what is to happen with the property when finished.
2. Don’t be too adventurous with valuation expectations. Inflated valuations tend to lead underwriters to suspect the broker has limited knowledge of the market, and in some extreme cases, the broker is trying to enhance his fee if it has a valuation element.
3. Day one submissions of fully completed application forms accompanied by all supporting documents are always welcomed.
4. Cases pushed as urgent but are driven by the broker’s upfront fee, are in the end, because of failing to comply with 1, 2 and 3 above, destined to go nowhere.
Easier said than done, some may say, but at Capital Bridging we know we have to be continually improving communication with our distribution and internal colleagues. We are getting better at educating and supporting, which makes it even more gratifying when we get testimonials, such as:
Gary Lewis, ACG Financial, Gloucester: “Iain McCarrell and Emma Ryan in particular were extremely helpful and accessible throughout.  Due to Capital Bridging’s flexibility and professionalism we have sought further funding from them and as applications progress we continue to experience the same great service.”
Want to know more? Or to get a copy of the Capital Bridging Process Guide call 0203 5405120

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