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Regulating bridging would be a step too far

It’s been a busy year for the regulator. As well as taking over the reins of the consumer credit market and implementing the Mortgage Market Review rules back in April, the FCA has been dropping hints about its desire to […]

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Conquering misconceptions in bridging

There appears to be a number of misconceptions about bridging, one of them is that it is extremely risky lending. It is an incorrect assumption that bridging finance read more »

Are lenders listening?

Keith Aldridge of Capital Bridging Finance speaks about lenders in the bridging market and how they ensure they cater for their brokers. I am writing this piece as I read more »

Paying the price

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for in life. There is another about people who understand the cost of everything and the value read more »

Down-valuations or just unmanaged expectations?

A drop in a valuation can act as a fatal blow in any deal. Although, some say its just the inevitable outcome from a badly managed expectation. Richard King, read more »

Down valuations:The fatal blow

Down valuing has been a blight on our industry for many years. And there is more than a suggestion that it is beginning to happen again. But are surveyors read more »

Tiers of development finance

It is evident that there are several different “tiers” which residential development finance lenders can be separated into when it comes to the senior debt. It is not read more »

What is Super Bridging ?

Andrew Hosford of  Voltaire Bridging Finance spills all on the idea of Super Bridging. Definition: 'A short-term loan where the lender's primary scrutiny is focused upon the underlying real read more »

Compliance: Under the microscope

Ahead of regulation changes in April, Terry Bateman, compliance expert, spilled all about his experiences on the road while advising customers on all things compliance. It's 9am and I read more »

Compliance 101: Proving your case

Evidence really is the keyword when it comes to compliance audits and inspections and the following are a few examples to strengthen this point: Treating Customers Fairly read more »