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A guide to Islamic finance

Islamic finance Central to Islamic finance is the fact that money itself has no intrinsic value; it is simply a medium of exchange. Each unit is 100 per cent

Additional Security Fee

This fee acts as an insurance policy which is paid at the outset to protect the lender from the borrower defaulting on their repayments. This may also be


The Association of Bridging Professionals is a body that works to promote industry standards and provide consumers with impartial advice. All members must adhere to a code of

Are lenders listening?

Keith Aldridge of Capital Bridging Finance speaks about lenders in the bridging market and how they ensure they cater for their brokers. I am writing this piece as I

Arrangement Fee

The amount charged for simply providing the loan facility, which may be likened to administration costs for issuing the mortgage. This may also be called an Arrangement

Arrears Fee

This may be payable if the borrower fails to meet the agreed repayment schedule in outlined in the loan contract. There may be a fixed charge for each


The Association of Short Term Lenders is a body that protects the interests of short term finance lenders. Members of Astl must comply with the association's laws and

Bridging Bootcamp

By Richard Deacon, Sales Director at Masthaven Bridging. It would be a simple matter to expound about products, pricing and criteria and the latest wrinkles in the

Bridging fees explained

Bridging loans may be subject to a wide variety of fees and charges; Bridging Advisor outlines those which all intermediaries should be aware of. Bridging Fees Arrangement Fee:

Broker Guide: Lending as a broker

With Watts Bridging Finance recently becoming a member of the astl, Director Phil Gray speaks to BA about becoming a ‘broker lender’. Watts Commercial Finance is one of the